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. >> good evening i'm dan. we start tonight with developing story. there is an intense search right now for a wind surfer in the bay off foster city. coast guard tells that you say a 62-year-old woman was
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out of the water and supposed to be back by on the water and supposed to be back by 5:30 this evening. she was wind surfing the coyote point area. coast guard is using a helicopter and boat to look for her. foster city, san may tie and fire also assisting in the search happening even as we speak. update when we get more information on that. >> son of prominent bay area lawyer is in major legal trouble tonight. carl miller is accused of bilking dozens and dozens of investors out of millions. their savings stole stolen. real estate market turned south miller investors found out that their security were anything but. as mark matthews. >> karl blake miller lives in this mansion in 0written today. he took expensive vacations to africa and bali. sent his kids to private schools. >> whole thing was a lie. whole business was a lie. >>reporter: allen weiss a former option trader on the pacific stock exchange is too embarrassed to say how much he
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lost. >> had i not ever met mr. mr. miller i would have been a lot better off. put it that way. >>reporter: weiss says he knew his money was gone in october of 2009 when miller sent him an e-mail saying that he took weiss money out of desperation. only intending to keep it for a week. apology aren't enough wrote miller. weiss took his paperwork to the district attorney. others started showing up. what do you think you lost. >> myself personally and famil family? millions. spol lots of money. >>reporter: photographer doug was another of the 175 investors. he says miller children went to expensive private schools. at the expense of his own kids. >> their college fund was torn up. you know. all the money we had put aside for the college fund is gone. >>reporter: today miller attorney said carl miller is going to do everything reasonable within his power to make things right. >> too little too late.
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>>reporter: deputy da prosecuting the case says there isn't any money left. a lot of it spent on the house and a lavish lifestyle. >> it's hard. it's different when you lose money in the market but when it is basically taken from you, stolen, it hurts. lake having a car stolen. it's just, it's you feel violated. >>reporter: miller was arrested thursday and charged with nine felony counts. his next court appearance is tuesday morning, tomorrow. inlaw in court try to get him bailed out by putting up their real estate. in the newsroom 7 news. tonight san francisco police are playing video and audio evidence that they say clearly shows the man they shot over the weekend had a gun and shot at them first. kenneth harding was on parole from the state of washington when he had a run in with police here on saturday. carolyn tyler on the new evidence that police released just today.
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>> going to continue to kill our youth if we don't step up and be accounted for. >>reporter: following the killing of 19-year-old kenneth harding the seattle man was shot to death by police as they tried to stop him for failing to pay his muni fare saturday. officers say he fired on them as he ran away. but skepticism and criticism. >> you can wound a man and gun fall away from him if he has begun on him that's fine. but to continue shooting him it almost looked like mass murder to the people out here on the streets. >>reporter: but police chief says this amateur video obtained by abc 7 is helping with the investigation. he says it clearly shows a gun on the scene. it has been recovered though ballistic test must determine if harding was carrying it. >> the gun that appears in outwardly to look like the same firearm that was on the ground, however i can't confirm that that indeed is the same weapon. >>reporter: he says they are still looking for the man in
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the striped hoodie who initially picked up the gun and for shell casings and missing cell phone. the chief hopes someone will turn them over. >> plenty of bay view community members have been coming forward and helping us get the truth out about this case. >>reporter: the police department also provided audio of their sophisticated shot spotter system that picks up sounds and gives the location of gunshots. 10 were fired in the incident. investigators say harding arrived in san francisco the day before the shoot out. in washington he had been convicted in 2008 of assaulting a bus driver. 2010 for promoting prostitution by pimping a teenager girl. he served 22 month ins prison for that crime. he was a person of interest in the july 13 murder of a 19-year-old seattle woman. whose funeral is friday. >> well i think about beautiful angel she was brought in my life for a reason miss my
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baby.i'll miss her. >>reporter: there will be a town hall meeting at the bay view opera house on wednesday evening with police chief and others from the department. as far as the officers involved in the incident on saturday, they have been placed on paid administrative leave which is routine. in san francisco, at the hall of justice, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> police say a violent night in richmond may have been a turf battle between north and central richmond. 2 people were shot and killed including dean. he was shot to death outside this. this was the second son she lost to snrils richmond. one of her her sons shot and killed 10 years ago just block from his where he was shot last night. >> black eye. i need to tell l there's nothing you can do to
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bring them back. and vengeance doesn't solve anything. >>reporter: about she says he had just graduate from a culinary school in oakland and was supposed to be at a job interview this morning. cal-trans worker has been critically injured on the job. asphalt truck backed over the worker in fremont this afternoon. it happened on mission boulevard near calgary court. 3 other cal-trans workers have been killed while working in the last three months. chp and cal-trans recently launched a new campaign state wide that we reported reminding drivers to slow down or move over in road construction zones. major changes are coming to san francisco courts. severe budget cuts mean that everything from tl parking ticket to getting a divorce will take much longer. dozens of courtrooms are closing because there's just not enough money to keep them open. and as l vick lee explains, hundreds of people will also be
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out of a job. >> this is a grim day for our court. >>reporter: presiding judge catherine feinstein broke the bad news. 200 employees will be laid off. that's about 40 percent of the work force. 25 of 63 courtrooms will close. >> the civil division will essentially be out of business. cases will sit on shelves piled high and will not make it into a courtroom for close to 5 years. it will for all dismantle our court. paying a traffic ticket if or criminal fine at the hall of justice will take hours of standing in line as there are few clerk there to process your payment. obtaining a copy of a criminal or civil court record will take months. obtaining a divorce will take at least a year and a half. >>reporter: feinstein says this was the only option san
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francisco courts face a deficit of almost 14 million dollars. in recent years the court dipped into the reserve to prevent layoffs. but the reserves have dried up. now the budget will be cut by almost 5 million dollars. >> we are all going to be running home to check our mail to see if we received a notice. >>reporter: miss williams works in the training department. court clerk william true beck handles asbestos cases. he has been here 15 years. >> it came as a total surprise to us considering the fact that san francisco superior court has been trying to have policy. >>reporter: criminal courts won't be affected as much because there are laws that prevent their cases from delay. judge feinstein says do not expect things to get better. san francisco courts are facing a 10 million dollar deficit for next year and she warns of more cuts to come in january if state does not get the projected revenue. vick lee, 7
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news. l hard times all the way around. cisco systems confirmed it's laying off 6500 employees, about 9 percent of the networking equipment maker work force. 2100 of those cuts will dprom employee taking part in an early retirement program. 15 percent of those cuts will be employees at and above the level of vice president. borders is seeking court approval to liquidate the business after no buyer turned up today. the remaining stores could close as early as friday putting more than 10,000 people out of work. l well do salary i hope creases send the wrong message? tonight what is being con to make sure tuition hike and hefty raises do not go hand in hand at california universitie universities. >> neighborhood chooses sides. and dispute with safeway over the plans for replacing a local eye sore with a shiney new supermarket. >> i'm spencer in the accu-weather forecast center. we have some very warm weather coming by midweek.i'll show you
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all the details in my accu-weather forecast coming u up. plus. blue for boy. pink for girls. right? the well, some dad weigh in on whether it is time to throw out this rule book on color. stay with us. news at 9:00 this rule book on color. stay with us. news at 9:00 continues [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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>> state gave amazon the okay for voter referendum to kill california 3 week old law requiring the company to collect sales tax from customers. amazon insist that law will hurt the company ability to compete. it is projected to help california collect 200 million dollars a year. amazon however is defying the state saying it will not collect those taxes. >> san francisco state senator yee is trying to stop pay raises for administrators at public universities. at a time
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when students are reeling from more tuition increases. annette has the story tonight from sacramento. >>reporter: freshman orientation at sacramento stat state. like on other campuses across california, students here are worried about whether they can afford to graduate. given the 2 tuition hike just in the past year alone. increases come on the heel of 6 figure salary bump for 2 administrators. the new san diego state president is making 100,000 dollars more than his predecessor. and the ceo of usf medical center l got 20 200,000 dollar raise plus a 1 million dollar retention bonus over 4 years. >> this is my first year at college and i already had to take out 2 loans. that concerns me because in the future if they are getting raises and more raises that means i have to take out more and more loans. that's going to put me in further debt. >>reporter: state senator yee is trying to put the brake on
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executive raises reintroducing a bill that would ban pay hike at public universities during bad budget years. he's hoping to send a clear message. >> you ought to focus on why you are here. why you are in the position you are in. that is to help our students become the very, very best. not for to you get rich. >>reporter: both uc and csu say they haven't amizeed the senator proposal yet but just last week at cal state spokeswoman said tuition hikes are due to the state budget cuts. not executive salaries. they also need to be able to recruit and retain the best people. the president as a whole for the entire system the salary actually lagging about 52 percent for comparable institutions. >>reporter: still parents of csu students say it is time to end the salary increases especially when they are not getting any. >> for them to get a pay raise and we are spending extra money to pay for our kid, struggling
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to pay for our kids for school, not fair. not fair. >>reporter: the u.s. department of education produced a new list this month showing the colleges with the fastest rising tuition. all but one csu campus, sonoma state made the list. in sacramento, abc 7 news. if nation largest public pension fund is on the rebound and then some. the california public employee retirement system posted nearly 21 percent investment return in the last fiscal year that is the best since before the recession. it is the second consecutive year they top the investment return target. the fund oversees benefits for 1.6 million current and retired state and local government employees and their family ins california. well it has been 40 years and some folks think that is long enough. but tonight plans to replace the old safeway store oakland rock ridge neighborhood with newer bigger supermarket are coming under fire. jonathan the tl reports
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on both side of this debate. >> it's beautiful. >>reporter: patrick is worried the view from his flower shop in oakland rock ridge neighborhood business to change. >> turn around you look at the blue sky it won't be there. >>reporter: that's because safe weigh wants to the replace the 40-year-old supermarket across the street with a new one. it was the size. >> they impact the street and i think really truthfully that a block like this they do what they do is gone. >>reporter: safeway says mrours an also says meat like local butcher. bread lake the local baker and growing selection of wine at discount prices. >> i don't think they want us to be here. >> you think they want to capture all the businesses on the block. >> that's their job, right. >> our goal is to absolutely not have a negative impact on the local neighbors. we hope this building will enhance it. >>reporter: safeway launched outreach campaign to let people know this is no ordinary big box store. the 3 story building will have store front for other small retailers facing the street. supermarket upstairs and parking underground. >> sow get more of a feel of a
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neighborhood rather than an open parking lot. >> even though the store is larger it feels like it is more in character with the rest of rock ridge. >>reporter: jeff small who used to be on the neighborhood council says he likes the design and doubts it will hurt business. >> i think that the customer that goes to safeway is a different customer than wohl shop at one of the finer stores in rock ridge. >>reporter: the ultimate decision on new safeway store hurts with the city of oakland. both side will try to convince the city at planning commission meeting on wednesday. in oakland, abc 7 news. we see the blue sky behind jonathan. more of that coming apparently. spencer here with the forecast and sounds like it will warm-up. >> more blue sky and warmer by midweek and warm-up by the weekend. nice little summer pattern here. >> live view from the high definition roof top camera at 7. looking back part of the business district of downtown san francisco and you can see a little moisture in the air there. we have some low clouds
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and fog and pushing in since late afternoon and continues to do so right now. these are our current temperature readings and 59 grease at half moon bay. 61 san francisco. 62 at oakland and then we have some low to mid or mid upper sdmis some of the inland location. pardon me. we recover my voice. highlights low cloud. along the coast and around the bay tonight. sunny in most area tomorrow. we have warmer weather all across the bay area by wed. satellite radar composite image shows upper level low which is centered to our north an circulation around the lehelps push clouds back to the coast this afternoon and they continue to move locally inland tonight. now low pressure tonight unthe low clouds and fog will drop only to the mid upper 50's in most location so pretty mild overnight. a little bit cooler in the north bay where we see low dropping to the lower 50's. now let's look ahead a bit. 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning we see the low clouds still hanging around some location but push back to the coast or burn back to the coast by mid indicate and away from the
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coast actually north of the golden gate. some of the clouds will linger along the coast south of the golden gate. high pressure will range from low to mid 60's on the coast to 70's around the bay to mid 80's in some of the warmest inland location. start with south bay where sky sunny see high ranging from 79 at san jose to 81 at saratoga. peninsula 74 at san mateo o. 76 redwood city. 77 at palo alto and mountain view. coast 62 at pacifica but milder 66 at half moon bay. in and around san francisco high of 67 degrees downtown 64 sunset district daly city 62. south san francisco almost l 70. north bay high bit milder 78 at novato, san rafael, 80 at napa and sonoma and farther north into ukiah 81 at clear lake. east bay high in the 70's for the most part except cooler 68 at richmond. we see 72 at oak land. 74 san leandro and newark 76 at fremont. inland east bay a bit warmer with mid 80's mainly and 87 at brentwood
9:21 pm
so approaching upper 80's as you go farther inland in the east bay. near monterey bay mid 70's at watsonville and santa cruz near the bay then farther inland we see mid 80's at gilroy and morgan hill. here's our accu-weather 7 day forecast. inland high climb into the low 90's by wednesday. we see 80 around the bay. mid 60's on the coast. temperature will drop-off just a couple degrees each day thursday and friday and then on saturday we warm-up again and by sunday monday we lack at inland high in the low to mid 90's. low to mid 80's around the bay and mid 60's on the coast. so it ace nice warm period but no excessive heat no. heat wave or anything like. that jaws nice comfortable warm midsummer span of daisy. >> nice for this part of july. certainly so much better than what they are dealing with so many parts of the country. >> extreme heat and humidity in the rest of the country this index is pretty high but not here. >> thanks very much. >> we continue. group of local all stars qualify for their
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league world series. now a race against time to get there. the story news at 9:00 race against time to get there. the story news at 9:00 continues i tell ya, i work a long day, every day. i hang my head out the window. oh man, we're delivering everything you can think of:
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>> san francisco giants 7 big invitation from president obam obama. the champs honored at the white house next week for the victory over the texas rangers. the team will fly to dc after sunday game here at the giants ballpark against milwaukee and 7 the recognition on monday. it's an off day before they start a 3 game series in philadelphia. president obama. up close and personal. fear the beard. well in oakland tonight they are celebrating a baseball championship of their own and it's not for the a's. these
9:25 pm
champ are just 11 years old with boundless potential. as wayne reports, now only an absence of money stands in their way. >> pl game speed. game speed. >>reporter: when the boys of summer are 11 years old a baseball diamond can be the center of their universe. if. >> 4 years now. finally made it. >>reporter: l making it means being a champion. every one of the kids can make that claim because two weeks ago these oakland babe ruth all stars went undefeated in a tournament to become northern california champions. for their coach luther couch it's especially gratifying. >> a lot of kid, they don't have a lot of fathers in the home so it's like i'm a father, brother, uncle, sometimes grandpa. >>reporter: to this week add the word worry because even though these are the best of times they are also the worst. these kids qualified for the 1 11-year-old world series in
9:26 pm
utah but long way from here to utah. the problem is money. right now they have enough to send 3 kids. out of 13. and they need it by saturday. >> stressful. i have been stress the past week. >>reporter: that's holly brown the single mother. she would happily spend the 500 dollars for his trip except that she's been out of work so long. >> i don't have a bank account. >>reporter: do you think you will make it. >> yes. >>reporter: score 1 for the optimism of youth. >> we don't check in by monday 3:30 we forfeit. >> i tried-doing fundraiser bake sale. >>reporter: these truly are desperate times for the innocent boys of summer and their coach. luther sent some kids to college and others to professional contracts. and yet after all thatbeaver, utah and possible world championship seems far, far away. >> tray not to leave anybody behind. we lont leave anybody behind. >>reporter: from oakland, abc
9:27 pm
7 news. when we continues tonight. jitter over the debt. 1-2 punch consumer look for protection from the grid lock in washington. >> i like pink. i'm not a pink guy. i'm with every color. >> for young boys pink is the new blue. coming up. dilemma and debate over a color clash. >> remember the giant dust storm in the desert few weeks ago. guess what, it happened again. latest pictures from phoenix as another half hour of again. latest pictures from phoenix as another half hour of news begins in a moment 
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>> americans are jitter about the debt crisis. leif look at clock counting down until the all important deadline two wee
9:30 pm
weeks from tomorrow august 2nd nation must come to some agreement over the debt ceiling in order for the united states to continue to pay its bills. good evening once again. public is concerned that politicians will not get a deal done in time. today they delivered a message to the market. dow tumbled almost 100 points. and in a scramble for safety gold is surging to places it has never been befor before. here's john burman. >> partisanship politic lack of progress from washington might already be taking a toll on the personal bank account and 401(k). stock dropped today. first sign investors are saying we are mad as hell and we are not going to take it any more. >> patient and frustration getting there. >>reporter: wall street has a way of voicing its displeasure and down right ugly. remember september 2008 when congress failed to pass a bank bailout. stocks fell nearly 780 points that day. we are not there ye
9:31 pm
yet. but there are other unnerving signs. call it a canary in a gold mine. gold prices are sky rocketing. if closing above 1600 for the first time ever. 500 percent higher than 10 years ago. why is this troubling? investors betting there will be no solution to the debt mess. fearing a market melt down, gold is seen as safe haven. >> same could be september taking the money out of the market and putting unthe mattress investors are taking out of the market and putting it straight into gold. >>reporter: ads on tv explain the new age gold rush. >> listen to that. that's the sound of security. >>reporter: earlier this year the university of texas even put 1 billion dollars of their endowment into gold. literally storing more than 6000 gold bars in a vault. l. >> john burman reporting. the phone hacking scandal that has rocked great britain claimed
9:32 pm
another victim tonight. the whistle blower who accused the now defunct news of the world newspaper of wide spread abuses was found dead today in his home. however, police say they do not consider it suspicious. >> also one day after the head of scotland yard resigned, his top deputy john yates followed him right out the door. it was yates who decided not to open an inquirey into the hacking scandal two years ago. news of the world owner measure dobling an his son james are scheduled to testify before the british parliament tomorrow. that should be fascinating. murdoch family has lost almost 1 billion dollars from the drop in company stock since the scandal broke out. now to the race to save hundreds of thousands of people caught in the worst humanitarian disaster on earth. somalia family are walking days to try to save their children. l in kenya. >>reporter: 25 days ago they made a decision. she and his wife decided to leave the drought behind. they took
9:33 pm
their mother and 4 children setting out on foot in search of water. and life. grueling 25 day trek. hot wind are wic wick. the wave did not make it. >> died from hunger. >> the word for hunger. was she giving her food to her kids instead of eating it? >> yes giving to the children. >>reporter: oh. this is where they have landed. refugee camp. oasis in a very parched land. but the it is bursting. almost 400,000 souls and rising by the day. doctors say they need antibiotics. base being equipment like mosquito net, soap water jug and need it now. would no matter what they have at the camp it's still 50 miles from the border. deadly 50 miles each family must travel even after they escape somalia.
9:34 pm
the aide group can't get any closer. threat of al qaeda militia make it too dangerous. as we talk one of the doctors notices how malnourished the youngest son is. they rush him to the hospital. about dad tries to feed him milk. adam struggles. they fate for him. do you think he will be okay as we leave adam is necessary eled in his grandmother arm. it's the best night sleep the also boy will have in a listening time. while countless family set out on the same desperate walk tonight, abc news kenya refugee camp. >> friends family came to say goodbye to fallen soldier from san jose today. army staff sergeant amber the fourth was laid to rest in san bruno. he died when his unit came under enemy fire in afghanistan on july 5th. sergeant amber
9:35 pm
whether served in the marine corps before joining the army leaves behind a wife and 2 son sons. patriots guard riders and police officers took part in the funeral procession. >> large dust storm swept through the phoenix area this afternoon for the second time in last couple weeks. gigantic cloud blanketed the region if you should by 50 miles an hour winds. whale it is fascinating to look at, strange and erie as well some medical experts warn of the potential health risk posed by the storms. they do more than get the car dirty. doctors say the dust can trigger valley fever a flu like illness inhaling airborne fungus superior picked up by the desert soil and blown around seen here. >> well, on to something else. every new parent knows you say you are having a boy you gate lot of blue baby gift of. if it's a girl you get pitching. but where exactly does that tradition come from? and is it starting to change? andrea has some answers.
9:36 pm
>>reporter: greg 6-year-old son started reaching for pink at app early age. >> wardrobe choices are pink, purple, share truce. >>reporter: does he have a pair of pink cowboy boot. >> l yes. >>reporter: pink makes a stink from episode of tlc pop already show toddler and tiara featur featuring pageant boys to book and blog supporting sons and their pink and personal choices and remember the recent media storm over the j crew catalog featuring these little painted pink toe. he dubbed it if. >> it's a big deal for people to see boys in pink simply because it's not the cultural convention but it's nothing hard wired. boys are not innately averse to pink. girls
9:37 pm
not attracted to pink. >>reporter: so along with greg we invite add few other dads whose sons have varied interest and preference to start an open dialogue about the gender color war. >> okay so when your son reaches for something pink especially the first few times they did it, what did you thin think? where was going through your mind. >> is that the color you really want? if lack at there are some other colors. so i really didn't know how to happen it when it first happened. i really wanted to choose a different color. >>reporter: in a perfect world you had your choice would you rather your son grabbing for the pink shirt or the blue shirt. >> i would want him to go to the 1 he was drawn to. >> i follow my child lead. not really the point of what i like but what my child likes. >> i prefer my child to choose blue but if he wants to choose pink over blue it's up to him. >> the reason that parents are uncomfortable with putting boys
9:38 pm
in pink is frankly they think it will make him gay. people are still very homophobe ick although i think it is changing rapidly. >>reporter: but still there are very few manly example of the power of pink. in europe sports stars embrace the hue. we are used to pink polo shirt but there is also popular out door rugged well selling well in extreme pink. check out the scooter in bubble gum pink marketed to both boy and girl after the company conducted an in-house survey that showed that 85 percent of parents who participated said they are okay with their son playing with it. but really? how far will we do? there was great controversy over this boy's halloween costume. who is okay with their son wearing this. >> talking about to school in or out in the open. >>reporter: out in the open. school. at home. >> so my son did wear a skirt sometimes to preschool and l we
9:39 pm
allowed that and if i struggle with my own comfort level with that and what i was really concerned mostly about was the fact that that he got tease and not accepted. >>reporter: next we assemble a group of 6 to 8-year-old boys to get a taste of the color code. first unscientific experiment. we asked them to choose a scooter to ride. green. pink or blue. after the first 2 boys went straight for the green scooter on the right l about. >> very cool. >>reporter: we sdaided to swiv the order. putting the pink scooter on the right instead. next choices? >> this one. >>reporter: blue. blue and green. 2 of the boys went back again and weren't afraid to choose pink the second time around. we also asked the boys to choose from a sample of shirts. i want you each to pick a shirt an try it on. so grab one. some couldn't move fast enough to grab the blue and the beige but in the end. >> come on i like pink. >>reporter: same 2 boys chose
9:40 pm
pink and made a point to bond over it. >> pink is cool. >>reporter: do you ever worry that pink is a girl color. >> not really. >>reporter: how come. >> i'm okay with it. i don't really believe it's a girl color boy color kind of think. i'm with every color. >> i like pink. i also think if the boy color girl cloris about not fair. >>reporter: do you think the world is telling you you are supposed to wear blue because you are a boy. . >> no i just in my opinion i don't like pink but i'm just not a pink guy. >>reporter: as the conversation went on, even they showed their limit. >>reporter: you all say you have no problem wearing pink but how far would you go? would you wear a shirt with a princess on it. >> i would wear pink but like i just wouldn't want like cross the line with a princess. they
9:41 pm
would probably like be like you are wearing a girl's shirt. and then laugh at me. by would kind of be a little humiliated. >>reporter: would anyone wear this out in public. >> no. about no way. ivrjts study out of cal state fullerton found that it is in the so much the color kids respond to as it is the brightness of it. brit colors like blue and pink made the kids happy. happier than say black or gray. still ahead tonight. show down shaping up over a box. what's the deal? >> plus if password is 1 2 3 4
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>> battle brewing over san francisco sidewalks with at&t in one corner and community groups in the other. at issue are utility boxes like this one on folsom street. at&t wants to put up about 500 slightly smaller versions of these on the city sidewalks to house the phone internet and television equipment. but some community groups say they are an eye sore and should instead be put underground or perhaps on private property. >> identify private property
9:45 pm
owners could use the extra dollars in housing at&t equipment. we don't want to be tripping over this on our sidewalks. don't want to see these graffiti magnet take away from the character of our neighborhoods. >>reporter: san francisco board of supervisors will decide tomorrow whether it will require an environmental impact report for these utility boxes. at&t says it won't install them on any street or residence who oppose them. >> couple tech items. amazon has e book rentals. on line rental can be viewed not only on amazon kindle but any did he advice that down load the app including p c android phones and tablets. >> one company is going to make you change your e-mail passwor password. hot mail is putting a ban on the use of simple pass words like password and 1 2 3 4 5 6 even pass words like go giants. idea is to make it harder of course for spammer to
9:46 pm
high hi jack user e-mail accounts. so when signing up for new hot mail account you are pre-conveniented from using a common password like those i mentioned. down the road if you have a hot mail account you may even be asked to change the password you are now using if it is not considered strong enough for cybersecurity. as the news at at 9 continues here it's over for another famous couple. that story. >> plus even at 93 nelson mandela still inspires a natio >> plus even at 93 nelson mandela still inspires a natio nation.i'll be back 
9:47 pm
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you, happy birthday the happy birthday to you ♪ about. >> millions of south african children began the school day by sing ago special version of happy birthday to former president mandel a.he turns 93 today. mandela spent the day with friends and relatives at his home. people around the world were asked to mark his birthday by giving 67 minutes of their time to work in the local community. that is one minute for every year of mandela's public service. sxwrool all right let's go back up date the forecast. spencer here with that. okay. we have some nice mild weather coming our way. start our forecast
9:50 pm
animation 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. low clouds moved in overnight. stil pull back to the coast and actually away from the coast north of the golden gate and this is our pattern tomorrow. high pressure near the coast in the 60's. 70's right around the bay and up to mid 80's in the warmest inland location. here's sampling of high for tomorrow. mav my head. in the north bay 80 at clover dale 80 at nap a.mainly 70's around the bay over in the inland east bay mid 80's 84 concord livermore 85 and antioch fairfield and to our south monterey bay mid 70's watsonville santa cruz and gilroy morgan hill. 7 day forecast up to low 90's inland on wednesday and temperatures drop-off a couple degrees on thursday and friday and bounce back over the weekend. by monday mid 90's and 60's on the coast. nice pleasant 7 days ahead >> can't complain about that thanks spencer. >> last friday j.lo and mack anthony before that it was
9:51 pm
arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver that split. now lowe is lane and superman go from smallville to splitsville. yes it is true. bc comic relaunching the superman comic book as near as september and this is not the father superman. not only will you see a cost tomb change no more red underwear evidently superman is a bachelor and lowe is has a new boy frep. reminiscent of the 2000 4 era when ken and barbie broke up so is he could be with pwlaint australia an surfer. of course that didn't last. how could it. spencer ken and barbie were back together after two years. so 30 be hope of fans of superman and lowe is lane. >> if you have been l low about this the blame thing confused me. i did not see that coming dan f.sure guy named blaine
9:52 pm
upset with with what i'm about to say. you get the idea. >> yes. give ate shot. giants back home against the dodgers. enjoying a little panda power. now if lowe is was dating a panda, then i could understand. >> right. >> giants and arch rival up >> right. >> giants and arch rival up next.
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>> coming up at 11. new way to experience the moon instead of looking at it you can feel it. and the doll that teaches young girls how to be new mom. toy that some feels goes too far
9:55 pm
too soon. those stories coming up at 11 over on channel 7 but mr. beall is here. giants doing well tonight. >> the giants are doing well period. the dodgers are not. we like that. back home where they will be for 16 of the next 22 games hosting a reeling dodgers team has so many issues on off the field. all star ryan making his first start at the all star break. picking up where he left off. absolutely bringing it. that was off speed for 4 strike out in 3 innings. no score in the fourth. dodge percent runners at the corner. to crawford to hop and inning is over. couple key double play turned by the giants tonight. very first pitch. sandoval. high and deep. and goodbye off chad billingsly no. 9. panda 1 nothing giants. busted open with 4 runs in the sixth. ross 2 run double. and that opens up a 5 nothing cushion on and
9:56 pm
vogel is terrific. right now the giants lead 5 toing in and they are in the eighth. a's night off. in chicago sweltering heat gets the best of holiday. 91 degrees daytime temp. he changed jersey and then just flat out had to leave with heat exhaustion in the fifth. it is his shortest outing in more than two years. he just wanted to keel over. the cubs beat phillies by score of 6-1. they get closer and closer to a deal. nfl owner and player union gear up for the possible end of a look out maybe at the end of this week. then after that you have limited period of free agency that would begin then training camp would open up right after. that we are talking about a matter of daisy. boom boom boom. players brought in to look over proposal again tomorrow with pre-veiling attitude one of cautious optimism now. >> as far as the optimistic thing goes. nobody cheers for
9:57 pm
you at mile 25 of a marathon. you have to actually cross the finish line. there's still things that could get you tripped up so we are just going to push through and try to finish strong. >> close. when the lock out does end taiwan jones is ready to run. raiders fourth round pick came out of dear valley high school in antioch. now a lot of guys in the nfl are fast. taiwan jones is a blur. always knew l davis loves speed but i didn't think it would actually happen for him to draft me. what is the odds of me getting drafted locally so the fact that he picked me up, i guess, he stuck to his plan. he loves speed. i have spishtiond jones was great college player. but he was great at division i double a eastern washington top. time press nfl scouts he needed to show case the speed when it counted most. at pro day work out in april jones did just that. running the 40 yard dash in a smoking 4.28 seconds.
9:58 pm
>> i wanted the world to see my speed and to believe in my speed. i always felt like i was fast and it was my job to show everybody that i was. >>reporter: jones could have been a big time player at football power house but dyslexia made it difficult for him to get good grades. is how he ended up the eastern work to be. learning disability is one many obstacle he has overcome. >> during l the draft and stuff like that there was a lot of things saichltd i'm under size. fragile. things like that. so i'm definitely coming in with a chip on my shoulder. >> he could be in fun in silver and black. u.s. women world cup team had so many great scoring chances yesterday but they came up short in the finals. they lost to japan on penalty kicks. alex morgan former cal star scores first goal yesterday for team usa. very bright future but right now with team returning to the u.s. they are trying to deal with disappointment. >> in the past 12 hours i have
9:59 pm
been a little difficult for us but if support firsthand finally i was trying to put other than good face and showing we should be proud of what we brought back to the u.s. >>reporter: and we finish with amazing crash this wean at motor cross event in minnesota. look out. chad reed lost it on the jump. sorry t.20, 30, 40 feet in the air and crashes down the hillside. hillside may have saved him he landed on flat ground it might have been very ugly. somehow he just gets up. dusts himself off. an gets back on the bike about to finish the race and chad reed is okay. i'm saying i would sit out at least one newscast if that happened. if that was me i mate miss one show. >> not like a blown forecast. we see that he have day spencer. >> oh. what station are you watching? >> we have to go. thanks so much

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